Hey there,

This is pastor Mike from Mission Church and I wanted to let you know that MISSIODEI is now Mission Church. We are starting a new church, with a new name, in a new location.

I want to formally invite you to a unique and special worship gathering designed just for guests. We are hosting a preview service this Sunday, July 24 at 5PM.

A preview service is just like it sounds. It’s a preview of our new church. You’re invited to come and see (or preview) what our community is like and what our new church is all about. We also really want to meet our neighbors…so I hope you can come.

Our preview is a laid back, non-threatening, entertaining evening of worship and ice cream. Here’s what you can expect:

•    dynamic worship
•    clear bible teaching
•    gospel centered message
•    exuberant & active kids ministry
•    friendly welcoming community
•    ice cream fellowship

We have an awesome children’s ministry for kids 12 & under. We really love our children and we put a ton of effort into our kids ministries. The evening will look just like this:

•    a few minutes of dynamic worship
•    children dismissed to our Kids Ministry
•    a short entertaining message about Jesus
•    followed by a little more worship
•    finally we will get our kids & eat some ice cream

All-in-all you’ll be out of there by 6:30PM. Here are the details:

Sunday, July 24th 5PM
8676 ORF ROAD, Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

the purpose of life
mission church ice cream
the purpose of life
mission church ice cream

By-the-way, we are also looking & praying for committed families to join our leadership team. We need about 20 more adults to help us develop the kind of church we believe God is leading us to become. If you’re curious or maybe even interested – download our launch letter.