A TMZ look into a the most provocative church in the Bible… The Church of God in Corinth was tempted and plagued by some very very ugly immortality. They were a church in one of the largest most influential cities in the roman Empire. Boasting 250,000 people and 400,000 slaves, Corinth was “the marketplace or the Vanity Fair of Greece.”  (Plummer)

The word VANITY FAIR means: a vain and frivolous lifestyle especially in large cities. It is also an American Magazine. For this reason, we are organizing the book like a Magazine, filled with plenty a vain, frivolous, and even shocking secrets of Corinthian Christians.

HERE ARE A FEW OF THE CHURCH’S EPIC FAILS: petty divisions, gossip, drunkenness at the Lords Supper, a brother sleeps with his father’s wife, a mixture of worship with Aphrodite, an issue with women wearing head coverings, weak Christians who were accused of only drinking milk, brothers and sisters in Christ suing one another, chaotic charismania, and much much more.


Introduction: Letter from the Editor:


Part 2: Who’s Hot: 1 Corinthians 1