Here at MISSIODEI we are committed to be actively engaged in the mission of Jesus to seek and save the lost. We believe that once a new believer is saved by the Gospel, he or she will experience an entire life transformation. For some this happens overnight. For others it takes time. Sin is destructive and it takes an entire community to provide for each member’s indvidual needs as they battle against past sins and strive to walk in newness of life.

Just because we have been saved from sin does not mean that all of our troubles are going to simply disappear. Sin is still crouching at the door. You do not need to fight alone. If you are struggling, we have several programs and offer individual counseling.

If you are struggling with a specific sin or addiction, we would recommend that you join one of our Recovery Groups. These groups are designed to help, encourage and disciple those who are struggling with a past sin that simply wont go away.

If you are in need of professional care, there are many Evangelical Christian professionals in the area. Below are a few recommendations.

Finally, we have posted several helpful books that we highly recommend in our Read This section under Recovery.


Agape Christian Counseling • 314.746.9622 • website
Wellspring Christian Counseling • 636.449.1250 • website
Live at Peace • 877.977.3223 • website
Covenant Seminary • 314.434.4044


READ THIS Recovery