For MISSIODEI, our logo represents what true discipleship looks like. The true disciple is converted, not once, but 3 times. Of course, Christ is central and is the only means of our salvation. However, once we receive Christ, we become members of his Body [COMMUNITY] and as we grow into maturity, becoming more like him, we will inevitably participate in his mission to reach our CULTURE. MISSIODEI seeks to make disciples who are saved by CHRIST, who become full and active members of Christ’s Body, in COMMUNITY, and who participates in his mission to make disciples in our CULTURE.

MISSIODEI‘s discipleship process is a simple 3 fold process. We ask that each and every member participate in three courses of instruction and training in order to become a covenant member.  MISSIODEI is purposefully designed to move each and every member to the very center of those three circles [CHRIST, COMMUNITY, CULTURE]. If our church is truly designed to move each and every member to that center, then it will also, by that same design, frustrate those who are not in the center. This is intentional, because we want those who are not in the center to sense a need to either move there or move on.  We do not want to foster a new kind of legalism, but we strongly believe that the true disciple will: pursue CHRIST; love, serve and grow in COMMUNITY; and engage CULTURE in mission. If we are going to make disciples, then we must make true disciples.