Advent 2015 – A Generous Christmas

This is the time of year when everyone is thinking about giving. Even most selfish people actually do a little giving during the Christmas holidays. And even non-generous, or un-generous, people want to be generous at Christmas. Or at least they want to appear generous. So… while we are already thinking about giving and generosity – I want to challenge our hearts, our very souls, to take a good hard look at generosity. What does it mean to be generous? Are you a generous person? Are we a generous community? A generous church? And if we find that are not, why not make it our goal to become such a person and such a church?


“Self-seeking is the gate by which a soul departs from peace; and total abandonment to the will of God, that by which it returns.” Madame Guyon

Resource: Generous Justice by Timothy Keller