Okay — now that you have read through this initial vision, I’m wondering if your heart is racing any? I kinda expect that, if I know you at all, you might be agreeing with a lot that was said in this little book and, hopefully, you’re getting excited. I want you to know that you’re reading this because we feel like you would be an extremely valuable asset to our team. It’s not our desire to just fill spots on the core team, we want and need people who think and feel passionately about this stuff. We also need people, such as yourself, who are in love with Jesus and who are ready to step out in faith to see what God could do with such a church. I believe that we are about to get blown away by Christ’s zeal for his Bride. I am praying and hoping that you will consider getting blown away with us.


So, in the spirit of three, I’d like to offer you three options. Take a month to think about it, discuss it over with your family, and pray to seek God’s will on the matter. I hope you choose option #1 because I think you would be an awesome member of our team, but we need friends in option #2 and #3 too.


#1 I’M IN! As I said before, I am hopeful that this will be your choice. If it is, we will begin in August 2010, meeting weekly together in each of our homes for dinner, fun conversation, and dreaming.  Over the following 5 months, I just want to enjoy one another’s company. I want us to be a true koinonia community. We’ll eat, laugh, play and serve the community together. I want our kids to play and fight together, as we brainstorm what MISSIODEI could be.

#2 NOT NOW… If this is your choice, I am still thrilled. We need to raise $100,000 for the first year of our plant. This money will go to setting up MISSIODEI as a nonprofit, marketing, purchasing supplies, equipment, training, and renting out space for services. In the second year we will continue to need $150,000 to begin to hire some part time staff, like a worship leader, administrator, and children’s director. More than likely, I’ll take a part time job and my wife will continue to teach. It would be so wonderful to have friends who agree with this plant and help us financially as we get off the ground. Thank-you so very much.

#3 SORRY : ( I want you to know that if this is your choice, we completely understand. There are tons of reasons why you might choose not to join us. We don’t even need to know yours. However, we would love it if you prayed for us. We’re gonna need it! And we look forward to serving Christ together, with you, because we are all part of Christ’s capital “C” Church. We will always be family, and we’ll be praying for you as we seek to transform this community for Christ.