Our community is absolutely saturated with kids and we have a very clear purpose for what we want for children at MISSIODEI. Children are precious and important to God. Our Children’s ministry is centered on a passion to build into our kids a strong confidence that God loves them. We want to build into the lives of our kids a habit of trusting and depending on Jesus.

Our Commitment to Families

We will provide safe and loving child care while using a purposeful curriculum that teaches truths about God.

What it looks like

We will start our time in the sanctuary singing with our parents (seeing our parents model worship) before we are dismissed to class. In class, we will participate as a large group in the Bible lesson and have a practical application. Then, we will break into smaller groups for age appropriate learning centers (like crafts, legos and sensory play). We will also have a non-messy, nut-free snack. And lastly, we will finish up as a large group to sing and pray together.

Our Staff

It is important that we provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids. We use safe guards like a national criminal background check for volunteers, trainings and having experienced staff with first-aid, CPR and/or AED certifications. Most importantly, we have individuals serving in the children’s programs who are passionate about children

What we ask of our parents

You are the only one who can sign your child in/out.  We will match your ticket with your child’s when you pick up (the system is designed to generate new codes at every use to ensure the highest security). We use SMS texting to reach parents while they are in service. Please put your phone on vibrate and make sure your information is updated in the KidCheck system, so we can notify you in case of an emergency.



introducing children to Jesus


building a safe loving environment to grow


carrying out what we learn at home, school & beyond