The Membership Courses at MISSIODEI have been designed to lead each of our member’s through 3 clear and purposeful classes that we believe will produce true disciples who love Jesus, live as a full member of the Body of Christ, and engage in the passionate mission of our missionary God.

We can’t force anyone to take thee courses. However, if this is the mission and the most important values of our church, AND if we are offering these courses in order to disciple our body to full life in Christ, then… we believe that anyone who wants to join us on this journey would be eager to take these 3 courses. The Membership Courses are dynamite.  And we are pretty confident that you will not regret the time and effort spent growing deep roots in these doctrinal truths.

Here is a description of each course:

CHRIST (or Doctrine)

The first course serves as an introduction to Christ, the Christian life, and basic doctrine. The course is designed for the following audience: the un-churched (those who need to be introduced), the de-churched (those who need to be re-introduced), and the over-churched (those who may need a new and fresh introduction) This course will provide each of our members with a solid and clear understanding of basic theological and biblical doctrine and includes the following:

Trinitarianism (God, creation, image)

Christology (Person, work, offices)

Soteriology (The cross and Atonement)

Christian Worship



CHURCH (or Ecclesiology)

Ecclesiology is the study of the church (ekklesia). The second course serves as a biblical and historical introduction to the universal church and the mission, vision, and values of MISSIODEI. The course is designed to help true disciples embrace a Christlike love for the church. Members will need to understand both the theological definition and the functions of the church to worship, love, and serve in koinonia community. The syllabus includes the following:

• What is the Church

• Church History Overview

• Biblical Metaphors (Bride, Temple, Body…)

• Functions of the Church (Sacraments, Government…)

• What is MISSIODEI (Mission, Visions, Values)


CULTURE (or Missiology)

Missiology is the study of mission and the mission of God. This final course gives each and every member a clear understanding of the meta narrative, or story, of God as missionary and his mandate for the church to participate in that mission. The course will be designed to create a zeal and passion in the heart of disciples for mission. The syllabus of this course includes:

• The Missio Dei (A walk through the Bible)

• The Mission of the Church (What is mission?)

• Contextualization (What does it look like?)

• The American Context (Understanding culture and cultural shifts)

• Global Missions (Reaching the entire world)