Values define the heart (or core) of who we are. They set the tone and trajectory for how we will pursue our purpose. They keep us on course. They keep us on mission.


Hell No; Jesus Yes!

It’s all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a sense of urgency to seek those who are far from God. We want everything that we do to reflect the character of Christ and direct people to his love and grace.

People DO Change

Following Jesus will change your life. Yes, change can be scary because you may not know what’s ahead, but there is peace that comes from knowing that someone else is in charge. Jesus Christ gives meaning to life and we are here to support the needs that come with the struggle to change.

Acting in Audacious Faith

We will set impossible goals.  We will take bold steps of faith and watch God move. We expect this to be uncomfortable for some people. We want to be stretched, challenged, and used for God in exponential ways.

It’s Not a Masquerade Ball

Being vulnerable takes courage. We are real people who believe that being a part of a community is essential to living full life in Christ. We will invest time growing together in an uncommon community. We are real people with real lives and real challenges. We are not perfect and we will live in that reality together.

It’s Multiplication, Not Addition

We are not here to cater to personal preferences. We are here to grow and to see more people know Jesus. We are more concerned with the people we are trying to reach than the people we are trying to keep.

The Holy Spirit Gives Power

We believe and are not afraid of the Holy Spirit. We have been given power. Therefore we will not shrink in fear. In order to accomplish our mission and vision to reach this city, we will depend on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Giving Till it Hurts

Jesus Gave his life, we will give ours. We are dedicated to sharing generously with each other, our community and those far from God. We will give generously to our city by serving and honoring our leaders, and we give till it hurts to those who are on the fringe of society.

Tearing Down Walls 

We are committed to honoring we are all people and will joyously lift them up. Recognizing that the church is known for judgmentalism, we will fight against any inkling of condemnation and gossip and we will challenge each other towards the true meaning of the command to love one another.

Our Benches Don’t Need Warmin’

We will aggressively pursue and defend solidarity and unity in our mission and vision to reach those far from Him.