Our mission is to begin a Christ-centered, missional church planting movement that will eventually impact the entire city of St. Louis. Our church will be a radical, life changing group of people, who love Jesus, love culture, love lost people, and passionately pursue all three. We believe that a church in pursuit of these things will grow exponentially. Consequently, we will strategically spread throughout the city by sending teams out to plant similar churches on a regular basis in St. Louis and the entire world.

As we are still in the beginning phases of our church plant, at the exact same time,  we are also planning, praying and making preparations for a second church plant in the metro area of St. Louis. Our Community Groups serve this area and we pray that ground work is being laid for a future MISSIODEI plant in just 2 short years.

If you are feeling lead as a church planter, or if you are feeling lead to serve the city contact mike to learn more.