supreme | a study through the book of colossians


Supreme will be our first series as a new church. I am excited about the opportunity to walk through this book together every Saturday Night in our Worship Experiences and throughout the next 10 weeks in our community groups. We will begin this series on September 22nd – November 24th. Colossians is a pretty short book. Just 4 chapters. Yet within those few chapters we will find some of the richest, most uplifting and encouraging verses in the Bible. If you just take a perusal through the book I am certain that you will be able to lift out a dozen or more verses that you might recognize or at least might be tempted to make them one of your favorites. The thrust and over arching theme in this book is that Christ is All.

“Christ is All, and in all.” (Col. 3:11)

Christ is all. He is “all”, and “in all”. Simply put… He is everything! Actually, the original is more simply put. He is all! What exactly does that mean? Christ is all. That sounds to me like some cheesy cliche. A trite way of saying, “Jesus is the answer”, or “It’s all about Jesus.” And if that’s true, well that’s great, but what does that mean?

If that statement actually means something. I mean, if it actually has meaning and it’s not just some trite saying, then I think that the meaning of it is almost unapproachable. Christ is all… Wow! That’s heavy. And if we were to go on elaborating on the weight of it, I wonder how long it would take before it crushes us. Let’s find out.