MISSIODEI is a new church. MISSIODEI is also a trinitarian theological term signifying the missionary nature of God. God is a missionary. He is always sending. In-fact, this is the story of the entire Bible. God sent Abraham to a new country, that he might be a blessing to the nations. He sent Jacob, or Israel, to be a light to all the nations. God sent Joseph into Egypt, to bless the nations and he sent Moses to lead his people to a new, promised land that they might influence the nations. God sent the prophets — like Isaiah and Jeremiah and Malachi – and each of them declared that one day God would send the Messiah. Then — God the Father Sent the Son. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and He sent the Church to proclaim the Good News of Christ to all people.  And We believe that God is sending us to start a new Church that we are calling MISSIODEI.

You see — MISSIODEI is much more than a new or different sounding name for a new and different kind of church. MISSIODEI is a huge theological paradigm.  If we are going to bear the name — MISSIODEI, then the sending of God must be hardwired into our very DNA. For this reason we are not simply planting a church, but beginning a church planting movement. Because we are a people who are passionate about the mission of God, we have made it our vision to plant 5 churches in the first 5 years.

This is much more than a church, it is a viral sending freenzy of passionate Christ followers on a mission to transform the city with the power of the Gospel. We are praying for a transformational revolution throughout the entire city of St. Louis. And we hope you might join the revolution.